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A black composite door is a good choice for a front door. Black works well with just about any colour scheme.

Unlike wooden doors, if you choose one of our black composite doors, you’ll have selected a virtually maintenance free option that’s long lasting. No need to re varnish and your door won’t crack or fade in the sun. You can have a black door even if your home is south facing!

We only supply custom made doors from the 3 best composite door manufacturers and all the doors supplied by us are made in the UK. These manufacturers are Rockdoor, Door-Stop and Truedor.  

Black composite doors are available in a range of sizes, door styles and glazing designs with superior security performance and energy efficiency.  There are just too many door styles to mention them all here but options include with or without glazing, with or without panels, glazed arches and squares and even styles that include coloured glass! You can also choose the type of door furniture and lock and there are a wide range of options for both. The door style, its size and the furniture you choose, influence the final price of your door. But regardless of whether your chosen black door is plain or elaborate, we offer the best prices on the best composite doors anywhere in the UK from Door-Stop, Rockdoor and Truedor!

Door-Stop is the first composite door manufacturer to offer “all round colour” which means the door frame, threshold, door drip and edges are all the same colour. Our customers can choose from 4 different suites of door furniture and 4 different locking mechanisms. You can design your black Door-Stop composite door on our website.

Truedor’s doors are made in the UK to the highest standards and your door can be designed online at Front Door. Before it’s delivered, your bespoke Truedor door is rigorously tested to make sure it meets the company’s high standards for fire and water resistance. The doors also come with high security multi-point locking systems as standard.

Three different series of UK-made composite doors are available from Rockdoor: Ultimate, Elite and Select.  Each series varies according to the level of energy efficiency and security rating and prices vary accordingly. Rockdoor also make French Doors and Stable Doors.