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We can supply the Brisant Ultion cylinder as part of our Door Stop range as an upgrade, or we can supply as single items at different sizes for your other doors that have cylinders. Equal split sizes or offset sizes are available, just check the table below for the size you need. Prices depend on size so please enquire through the form below and we will quote for the cylinder(s) needed. To measure you cylinder the easiest way is to remove it. Loosen and remove the screw in the side of the door leaf and turn the key to pull the cylinder out. Measurements are taken from the centre of the screw hole, so for example 40mm from centre to front and 45mm from centre to back would make it a 40/45 cylinder needed. We can supply key both sides (Key/Key), Key with inside thumb turn (Thumb turns) and key alike pairs for french doors. (Delivery charges apply.)




DCBSU3030DBrisant-Ultion 30 x 30
DCBSU3040DBrisant-Ultion 30 x 40
DCBSU3535DBrisant-Ultion 35 x 35
DCBSU3540DBrisant-Ultion 35 x 40
DCBSU3545DBrisant-Ultion 35 x 45
DCBSU3550DBrisant-Ultion 35 x 50
DCBSU3555DBrisant-Ultion 35 x 55
DCBSU4040DBrisant-Ultion 40 x 40
DCBSU4045DBrisant-Ultion 40 x 45
DCBSU4050DBrisant-Ultion 40 x 50
DCBSU4055DBrisant-Ultion 40 x 55
DCBSU4060DBrisant-Ultion 40 x 60
DCBSU4545DBrisant-Ultion 45 x 45
DCBSU4550DBrisant-Ultion 45 x 50
DCBSU4555DBrisant-Ultion 45 x 55
DCBSU5050DBrisant-Ultion 50 x 50
DCBSU3535DTBrisant-Ultion 35 Thumb x 35 ext
DCBSU4040DTBrisant-Ultion 40 Thumb x 40 ext
DCBSU4545DTBrisant-Ultion 45 Thumb x 45 ext
DCBSU4550DTBrisant-Ultion 45 Thumb x 50 ext
DCBSU4555DTBrisant-Ultion 45 Thumb x 55 ext
DCBSU5050DTBrisant-Ultion 50 Thumb x 50 ext
DCBSU3535DKPKBrisant-Ultion 35 x 35 Keyed Pair (Pair)
DCBSU4050DKPKBrisant-Ultion 40 x 50 Keyed Pair (PAIR)
DCBSU4550DKPKBrisant-Ultion 45 x 50 Keyed Pair (Pair)
DCBSU4555DKPKBrisant-Ultion 45 x 55 Keyed Pair (Pair)
DCBSU5050DKPKBrisant-Ultion 50 x 50 Keyed Pair (Pair)

Cylinder prices