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Composite door prices vary widely. We should know. We actively compare our prices to competitors, and always aim to be cheaper.

It works like this.

We are able to pass on savings to our customers so you can save 20% or more on your new composite front door (depending on the model chosen).

We sell via our website and allow you to design your door online. It’s easy with our online door designer and we give you expert information to make it straightforward. We don’t have stores, so our overheads are smaller than the DIY chains.  Next, we only sell composite doors, made by leading composite door manufacturer Door-Stop International Ltd. As one of their leading UK distributors, we sell in sufficient volume to be able to offer you the very best prices. All you have to do is fit the door.

Also consider that our prices include free UK delivery. You don’t have the hassle of trying to get your door home nor do we charge extra.

Now when comparing prices for composite doors, you must make sure you’re comparing like for like. Not all doors are the same quality and prices sometimes don’t include fixtures such as locks and hinges.  And because we specialise in composite front doors we have the widest selection because essentially you can design your own door, right down to the style of glazing and the handle.

You can be sure these savings are real. We specifically select popular door styles to base our price comparison. Take the popular 2 Panel, 2 Square design as an example.  For this door, our prices start from £469.20.  Depending on the glazing and fittings you can expect to pay on average about £570 if you buy this door from us. Note we haven’t chosen to compare the cheapest option. Buy this door from any of the main DIY chains, and you’ll be talking about paying anything from £640 to more than £700!!

Another popular style is the 6 Panel Door. Our prices start from £373.20, but you can expect to pay about £418.80 depending on the options chosen.  Go to a DIY store and you can expect to pay between £500 and £649!

Buying online directly from us means making savings on superior doors, fair and square. We can also do this by keeping overheads low and selling in volume. Simple.