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There is no doubting the aesthetic appeal of a wooden door.  But the good looks of such doors come at a price. Solid wooden doors are expensive and they can’t be said to be maintenance free. They need protection from the elements – both the sun and rain.  They often warp or twist over time. Once a door has warped it won’t hang true and needs to be replaced.  Regular maintenance is key to preserving the wood.

And just because they can indeed look beautiful, it’s important not to overlook the issue of security.  The weak points of a door are typically the frame, hinges and the lock.  A reclaimed wooden door for example might be environmentally friendly, but the locks are unlikely to be up to the highest current standards. However, if you live in a listed building you may find that you are stuck with a wooden door.  In which case, it can make sense for you to consult a professional locksmith before signing off on the fitting. You would be surprised how many wooden doors can be removed without even having to go near the locks.

Composite doors on the other hand are purpose built to comply with today’s security requirements and are maintenance free. You will also find the wood effect grain of a composite door is surprisingly wood-like and easy on the eye. We’d be the first to say prices vary dramatically. You will generally save money ordering your door through a specialist, especially if you opt for a supply only option. Unlike wooden doors a composite door is resistant to the elements and will not crack or warp. They need minimum cleaning and are long lasting. As far as security is concerned most composite doors are “Secured by Design” (SBD) approved but it’s as well to check with your supplier. If you’re unfamiliar with SBD, doors approved by them not only meet general performance requirements but also enhanced security requirements including a bolt test.

Composite doors are also far more thermally efficient than wooden doors and will help your home stay warm during the winter months and will contribute to lower fuel bills.

Finally also keep in mind the best composite doors are made to order rather than cut to size as often the case with wooden doors. This means your door will look precisely as if it’s been made for your property rather than cut to fit.