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Pick up any composite door and you may be surprised by its weight.  Composite doors are both solid and beautiful. We like to think our doors are a perfect blend of different materials – all best in class. When incorporated into a composite door they create something special: Superior strength, low maintenance and energy efficient.  What more could you ask for?

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The weight comes largely from the densely packed material within the door.  This is the composite itself, typically foam such as polyurethane which dries rock hard and gives the door its strength. But as you might expect, there’s much more to a composite door than that.

On the outside the surface of our doors are made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). We make a point of having a wide range of colour options. It’s the GRP which helps to retain heat. This surface is also fade resistant even when homes are south facing. GRP skins can also incorporate a timber grain effect.  All our doors have their colour applied at the time of manufacture. What’s known in the trade as “through colour applied”. This gives a longer lasting finish that won’t crack. We just don’t recommend buying any door that’s been spray painted post-manufacture.

We should also mention the sub-frame – this is basically the doors skeleton. Ours are all hardwood – no exceptions.

Compare the durability and weight of a composite door with UPVC or timber.  There’s no denying the beauty of quality timber doors, but they are high maintenance and don’t have the energy saving properties of the best composite doors. UPVC on the other hand is flimsy and dated and again, won’t help retain heat.

When you order a composite door from us, its tailor made for you.  The sub-frame, GRP, and composite are specified according to the size and style of your door.  These doors are real talking points. So when someone asks you what yours is made of you’ll be able to tell them!