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We supply the best composite doors available – those made by Door Stop. So we are thrilled to share with you the latest research about the coming year. 2015 is going to be a very exciting year with more homeowners appreciating the benefits of composite doors.

According to the largest survey of its kind, more composite doors are going to be sold and installed in the months ahead. We can’t wait.  Nearly 800 installers think composite doors sales will increase. They should know because they’re the people, like us, who talk to homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and builders’ day in day out.

composite doors

Admittedly, we’re not surprised. The benefits of Door Stop composite doors are clearly understood.  Composite doors offer superior performance and staying power. First off you’re getting a door that will last for up to 25 years and is all but maintenance free. Unlike traditional wooden doors there is no requirement to repaint or varnish. Also Door Stop’s composite doors won’t crack or colour-fade when exposed to sunlight. All that’s required is a duster or damp sponge to clean them as and when.  Naturally they are completely water resistant too. No matter what the great British weather throws at them, they keep their good looks!

We’ve also noted previously, homeowners are increasingly worried about security. With completely hidden hinges and state of the art locking mechanisms these doors are far more secure than traditional doors. Door Stops composite doors are also strong and will withstand someone putting their shoulder to the door, to try and force entry.

We also know our customers are concerned about heating bills. Composite doors offer superior energy efficiency and each Door Stop door we supply comes with its own energy performance certificate.

The Door Stop online door designer which you can find on our website allows you to fully customise your door. Choose from many different doors styles, 13 colours and many, many different types of glazing. Even door furniture can be chosen from a wide selection of packs.

It’s also possible to easily change the glazing of a Door Stop composite door thanks to patented technology in the form of a glazing cassette. So should you fancy a change further down the line or the worst happens and the glass gets broken, it can be changed quickly and easily.