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A home move is one of the most stressful life experiences. It makes sense then to organise your move so it goes as smoothly as possible. Here’s our home moving checklist to help you. It’s been honed over many years of helping people buy and sell homes!

1. Plan ahead. Contrary to what other people might tell you, you don’t have to wait until you exchange (or conclude missives) to start working on a checklist to guide you through moving house. It doesn’t have to be a long list, just a thorough one.

2. Research removal firms before you need to book one. No doubt you’ll be given recommendations from your agent or family and friends. You should always try to meet your removal firm where possible so they can quote based on actually seeing what you have to move. The further you are moving the more important it becomes to get a number of quotes. Pay particular attention to how removal firms will deal with your most precious items and surprisingly tricky possessions such as plants which many firms won’t move. Your removal firm should provide insurance.

3. Generate a list of people and organisations you must notify of your move. This includes everyone from utilities companies through to banks and credit card companies. Be especially alert to bills that might overlap with your move and not be picked up by your forwarding address arrangements. Write to everyone before you move.

4. Packing! Make sure you’re clear who is supplying your packaging materials. moving houseYou should give yourself as much time as possible to pack and draw up a list that allows to you to pack room by room. Nearly everyone admits to packing items they throw away on arrival at their new home. The question is always, why did I bring that? Leaving plenty of time allows you to edit your possessions. You should also sell, auction or bin items that won’t fit into your new home. Likewise new sofas and tables or whatever you need can be ordered in advance of the move. Label all boxes with contents and what room you want them left in. Be prepared to live out of a few open boxes for the last couple of days.

5. Decide how you are going to keep children and pets safe on moving day. Some people elect to move their pets first and put them in a room that’s off limits to the movers. Alternatively you can consider booking them into kennels or a cattery for a few days. You may find it helpful for younger children to spend the day with relatives or friends.

6. You may have an opportunity to spruce your new home up before you move. Likewise whether you are selling or renting you may feel you need to hire professional cleaners if it’s not going to be convenient for you to go back to your old home to clean.