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Looks matter. That’s the view of homeowners looking to buy a new home.  This is an important consideration if you’re planning to sell your property.  If you are thinking of moving in a rising property market, as we have now, it can make sense to improve before you move.  This is particularly true if you are thinking of trading up the housing ladder. Make the most of your assets.

When the housing market was ailing, the prevailing view was it was better to improve your current home to protect your investment.  Even if you heeded that advice chances are your home could now do with re-fresh.

In the last four months we’ve noticed more people buying doors because they are selling and moving on. Inflation in the property market looks set to continue not least because of the Government’s Help to Buy initiative: It’s a good time to sell.

There are various things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers.  Inside a lick of paint is pretty much considered essential. The outside of a house is often more neglected but it pays to remember potential buyers can make their mind up before they step inside!

Savvy sellers seem to realise installing a new composite door gives their home an instant facelift.  Not only do they look good but compared to other types of door they improve thermal efficiency and security and are maintenance free. The same can’t be said of alternatives.

We would also say that where you buy your composite door from matters because prices vary widely. In and around Essex and  the other Home Counties we’re the go-to people for the best prices on a truly wide-range of doors on a supply only basis. However if you also need help with installation we can do that to.

Enter stage right our online door designer which makes it super-easy to specify exactly the style of door you want. There’s a wide range of colours too and naturally our locks conform to the highest current standards.   You get all this because we’re the region’s preferred partner of Door-Stop International, the UK’s leading manufacturer of composite doors. You can’t buy better at any price, but our prices are industry leading. If you’re selling up, there’s no better investment to enhance the kerb appeal of your property.