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Stand out composite doors are simply better quality than rivals. Better thought-out. As a long established door supplier we can distinguish between the also-rans and the best. Trust us when we say we only want to be associated with the best door brands. Our customers wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can see for yourself the extent we go to providing doors with superior properties, accessories and detailing. A door has to look the part but offer superior functionality too. These are precisely the reasons why we are the UK’s leading supplier of Door Stop composite doors.

The Edges

If you buy an inferior door hinges and locks can look unsightly. Door Stop doors come with PVC edging on the hinge side and an aluminium lock strip on the other. This means both hinges (regardless of type) and locks fit within the door creating a superior finish.


Door Stop’s patented glazing cassette means it’s easy to change the glazing. The cassette is simply removed from the inside and glazing switched over. You don’t even have to buy a new cassette. Door Stop thinks ahead to make life easier.


Door Stop’s hardware options allow you to achieve the look and security you want. 4 different door furniture suites are available. These can include letter plates, door handles, knobs and numbers. There’s also a choice of 4 different locking mechanisms.

Frame Options

Not only can you choose the style of your door frame but it’s also possible to select one of 4 different frame profiles. For example the frame can be sculpted or chamfered, come with or without an energy rating or with or without top box options. The full list of options is found on the door designer on our website.

Thermal Efficiency

All Door Stop doors come with their own energy efficiency rating.  You can view the actual energy efficiency rating of your door as you design it. Different design decisions enhance or reduce the efficiency and upon delivery a certificate is provided confirming the rating. All doors provided by us exceed the minimum requirements for energy efficiency under current building regulations.

Colour All Round

The aesthetic appeal of doors supplied by us is enhanced by a Door Stop system known as Colour All Round. This means all elements making up the door package – including the frame, threshold, door drip and edges as well as the door itself are made in the same colour.

Side Panels

Uniquely we are able to offer side panels in a choice of widths with or without a letter box also with a choice of glazing and colours.