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In some ways there’s never been a better time to move home. Mortgage finance is still relatively cheap (but expected to get more expensive) and there’s a reasonable amount of property on the market. Of course, not everyone has the freedom to choose when they move house. But for the rest of us, it’s a question of whether the time is right.

The aftermath of the last financial crisis saw property values fall. It’s no surprise then during the last few years many of us decided not to move but to stay and improve. In other words, make the most of our current asset. It’s possible to build up, down or to the side depending on your property. It’s also entirely possible to overdevelop – meaning you may not get your money back. Today it’s still a good choice for some people looking at the long term.  Even if you don’t have the budget for making more room, you can still improve the finish and quality of fixtures and fittings.

For those of you who want to move and are able to there’s also another school of thought that says, make the most of your home before you sell. move houseIt is the best way to increase your house buying budget and can make a bigger house more affordable. It can also help you sell more quickly. But is more likely to mean redecorate rather than extend.

Keep agents at bay while you spruce up. The outside of your property should create the impression the house is well looked after. Make sure windows and doors are in good shape and of an appropriate quality. Remember property values change.  Poor quality or shabby windows can really put buyers off.  Consider whether your front door ‘sells’ your home. If it’s old, consider giving the front of your property a facelift with one of our composite doors. They can really help your property create the right first impression. Remember buyers make up their minds in seconds.

Inside, a lick of neutral paint can work wonders. Don’t worry about changing your kitchen (people have very personal taste). Make sure both the bathroom and kitchen are gleaming. If you still have a 70s coloured bathroom suite it can be worth changing it as it will date your home (and taste!). After that de-cluttering is the name of the game.

This approach to sprucing up works well, even for sellers who are in a hurry to move. Owners who spent money on their homes when moving wasn’t so attractive will probably be the biggest gainers. But remember, whether you move or not, spend wisely on making improvements that will appeal to others.