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Now is the right time of year to treat your home to a new front door with free delivery thrown-in. That’s right free delivery, on the UK’s leading brands of composite door.  We supply both the trade and members of the public directly. As there is no middle man and because we supply so many doors, we can keep prices low.

We supply composite doors from the likes of Door Stop and Truedor at the UK’s best prices. There are many choices of colour, hardware and glazing. Colours include shades of red through to blue, greens and grey. Choices of hardware allow you to customise your door further with locks, letter plates and door numbers. Glazing can be clear or frosted with or without a pattern and thermal glazing is available as an upgrade.

You are in complete control of the design of your door. Using the online Truedor or Door Stop door designers (on our site), you can see what your door will look like, on both the external and internal facing sides, before you finalise your choice. You have the opportunity to experiment with different door designs and colours, taking as much time as your need to finalise your choice.

composite doors

Our composite doors come in a wide range of modern and traditional styles. There are even wood coloured doors and doors that replicate a wood grain to give a wood effect regardless of colour. So whether your home is 10 years old or 100 years old, you will find something to complement your property.

And the price you see quoted is the price you pay. There are absolutely no hidden extras. Delivery is free as far north as Dundee.  Live further north? Just message us for quote. Doors can be delivered either to your home or site and all customers are given notice the day before of a 3 hour delivery window.

For your peace of mind we offer 24/7 customer service via email, phone or Facebook. Customers are welcome to contact us at any stage of the purchase process, even before an order has been placed. You’ll find our customer service team friendly and knowledgeable.