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Our door designer allows to you design your very own customised door which is then manufactured by Door-Stop International. You can specify the style of door from many options whether it’s a 4 panel with 1 arch, a 4 square, diamond or circle. You can then choose from many different colours, glass styles, accessories and door furniture to complete your door. You can also choose the style of lock you want.

We’ve mentioned before our composite doors offer improved security over traditional doors. All the doors we produce are “Secured by Design” (SBD). This means our doors not only meet general performance requirements but also additional security requirements including a bolt test. You might be surprised how easy it is for burglars to remove traditional doors.

Composite doors offer improved security while at the same time being largely maintenance free. It’s a win-win combination. Security can be further enhanced by the type of lock chosen. We offer a range of different types of handle lift locks including those made by Winkhaus, Era, Yale and Fab & Fix. It is also possible to upgrade to a slam lock door for just £42.00.

Slam locks have traditionally been a popular lock for securing gates. The general idea is that they lock when pushed shut. The closing action is sufficient to activate the lock’s hooks. No need to lift a handle. Even better once shut they can’t be opened from outside without a key.  You can however bolt the door from the inside by turning the key.

We’re happy to recommend the Winhaus AV2 Slam Lock which comes with a 5 year guarantee. Doors fitted with a slam lock can be closed far more quickly than traditional locks which require you to lift the handle. As far as aesthetics are concerned, once fitted these locks don’t look any different since the same door furniture can be used.

If you have to close a door quickly to stop a child or pet bolting, or are concerned for your safety, a slam door is simply more efficient.