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We are delighted to introduce you to our new video which covers all aspects of fitting your new composite door. From measuring up to the final finishing, you’ll find a complete walk-through on the video. Aimed at DIY enthusiasts, the video will show you how to achieve a professional quality installation.

Our video also clearly shows what tools you’ll need. We advise you don’t skimp on these – a tradesman wouldn’t.

The video has been produced in sections covering:

Measuring up for your new door

This section covers the importance of taking the correct measurements and ensuring the opening is square. The video demonstrates how to correctly measure both the length and width of the door. For example, to arrive at the correct measurement the width of the door frame must be subtracted from the overall width to arrive at the correct measurement for the door itself.  This allows sufficient room to fit the door, even if the walls aren’t completely true.

Prepping your new door

This section covers the assembly of the door itself. Here the video shows how to check your door on arrival before removing your old one. Once unwrapped, hinges should be checked before trying to open the new door. Once you have dealt with these, it’s a matter of fitting the handles – we show you how. We also give you tradesman’s tips on how to make sure the average adjustment screws are tightened correctly to make sure the doors hangs properly. You may well wish to adjust these further once the door is hung to make sure compression against the gaskets is just right.

Removing your old door

Wood, aluminium and PVC doors have different configurations and hence removal can differ slightly. The video concentrates on the removal of a timber door and timber frame. There is also detailed instruction on how to remove the frame correctly to avoid damage to the property.

The seals at the bottom of doors often have a metal bar running through them. If this is the case you will need to remove it. There’s also a nifty demonstration of how to clean up brick work with a scraper and assembling and fitting the bottom seal.

Fitting your new door

Fitting is a 2 person job. We’ve included a clear demonstration of how to fit through – attaching the door to the frame and brick beyond.  Never heard of a packer? We show you why they’re essential for stabilising your door.  We also demonstrate the correct placement of the screws. Using a spirit level throughout ensures the door is screwed into position on the level – it’s important not to bow the frame.

Trimming and finishing

Here’s where you can create a professional finish if you follow the directions in the video. Your first task is to deal with the trimming – you’ll find everything you need to buy on our site. Once trimmed you need to seal the door. You’ll see our fitter using white sealant to seal plastic to plastic and clear sealant to seal the gap between the brick work and plastic. You may also find, just like our demo,  you have gaps to fill. Do these neatly, then clean the door and frame thoroughly. Job done.