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Here at Front Door we make designing your composite door as straightforward as possible. We know from customer feedback, people use our Door Designer to experiment with different designs and colours. One striking feature of our doors is the large number of glass options. While you may initially have assumed your door would incorporate clear glass, there are in fact many different designs so choosing glass is something to consider too.

The UK’s leading glass companies, including Pilkington, appreciate different homeowners require different levels of privacy.  Pilkington’s latest energy efficient glass is graded according to the level of privacy provided. For example, with the Pilkington system glass is graded 1 through to 5 with 5 giving the greatest levels of privacy.

Putting the manufacturer to one side for a moment, if you’re opting for non coloured glass it can have a range of finishes included frosted or patterned with various patterns (line effects, swirls, flowers etc.) giving various levels of privacy.

But we also offer coloured glass. For example, there are arts and crafts style coloured patterned glass for 2 panel 2 arch designs. This type of glazing resembles stained glass of yesteryear. While some designs incorporate abstract clear designs, others include highlights of blue, red or green. If you’ve not previously considered this type of glass, you may find your plans go back to square 1! The same can be said of the designs specifically for the 2 panel 2 square 1 arch designs. Typically these use opaque clear glass or various patterns but coloured options are available. Whether you like the style incorporating roses or something more abstract, these designs will make your front door stand out for all the right reasons!

There is one further consideration.  Depending on your choice of door colour it’s possible to alter the glazing to match. So just because our site shows a blue diamond style that doesn’t  mean we can’t colour match to your door.