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New for 2015 we are pleased to introduce additional contemporary door handles as part of the launch of new Door Stop furniture packs.  This further seals our reputation as a leading supplier of contemporary doors and handles.

We have always prided ourselves in offering a wide range of doors and door accessories. design your doorThis allows customers to create their dream contemporary (or traditional) door.  For those of you looking for contemporary handles and doors in particular our range of available styles is expanding further.

Many of the Door Stop doors we supply are ideally suited to complimenting post-war, new build and modern homes. Door styles we think work well in a contemporary setting include the Diamond, 1 Square, Twin Side, 4 Square, 3 Square and 3 Diamond. These door designs and the rest of the Door Stop range can now be fitted with one of the new contemporary door furniture suites, just launched.

One of the reasons we are proud to be associated with Door Stop is it’s not a company to rest on its laurels.  A good example is this launch of 4 new contemporary hardware suites in brushed stainless steel, exclusive to Door Stop’s suppliers.

New for 2015 are Classic round central doorknobs, Long Bar and Bow Handles as well as a Square option.   These suites are statement pieces and complement many of Door Stop’s door styles including those we’ve named above.

Each new suite of hardware includes letter plates and knockers as well as handles. New styles of door handle such as the Bow and Long Bar are sure to be popular with homeowners looking for contemporary door designs.

The introduction of the new handles and other door furniture coincides with the launch of a smooth satin glass glazing option at no extra cost. Door Stop thinks of everything!

January is the perfect time for giving your home a facelift. Why not be among our first customers to take advantages of our increased range of contemporary handles and doors?