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How much do you think it costs to replace a front door? We’re talking bespoke. A well-fitting door whether wood or composite has to be made to measure. And it’s not just the door you have to price. There’s glazing, hinges, door furniture and locks to think about as well.

A custom made wood front door with glazing and locks can easily set you back £1000 depending on size and the type of wood. Even then, you’ll still have to maintain it to protect it from the elements.

There is of course a cheaper, more secure and hassle-free alternative: one of our Door Stop composite doors. I say ours because you won’t find the best quality doors for less anywhere in the UK. Delivery is free delivery;  fitting is available in certain areas for an extra cost.

With our doors, the price you see is the price you pay, fully inclusive of everything from hinges to door knockers. Over more than 600,000 door stop composite doors have been sold throughout the UK with our business driven by offering the best quality doors at the best prices, bar none!

£550 is a reliable average price depending on your specification. With our online door designer you can specify not just the size, but everything down to the last detail, including locks. And not only do you make savings by coming to us direct.

On our website you’ll find examples of fully-costed doors. For example if a Black Composite door costs £550 including VAT and a Dark Wood Composite Door £600 including VAT. These examples show absolutely everything is included in the price down to the handle and letterbox.

Using our Online Door Designer you can specify your own door. The designer will take you through all the design steps from choosing door styles to glazing and door furniture. There are even some upgrades available including laminate glass. The point is, at the end of the process the price you see really is the price you pay!