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There’s no getting away from the fact your front door says a lot about you.  Perhaps you’ve not thought about it before. However your choice of front door is one of the first features visitors and neighbours notice about your home. It’s a cost-effective way to enhance your home and express your personality.

One thing to think about is its condition. Is it a modern composite door or an aging wooden one? Beware of letting your door go to rack and ruin as it suggests to others the rest of your home might be the same. If your door isn’t maintenance free, regular painting or varnishing is essential to keeping your door pristine.

The other major consideration is colour.  What colour is yours? You may be surprised to know that in the UK and further afield, different colours are associated with special meanings or significance. It’s also true that different tones of the same colour can have radically different associations.

If you have a blue door for example, its significance depends on the shade. Dark shades of blue are associated with efficiency and calm. In turn, a feeling of calmness may pass to your visitors. In Feng Shui lighter shades of blue are associated with the sky and water where it is recommended to be used in East and South East aspects.  It also has links with prosperity.

Yellow has been a popular choice for front doors for centuries. It’s associated with concentration and with enhancing intelligence, wisdom and curiosity.  Green on the other hand is associated with wealth and prosperity but also has links, not surprisingly to growth, harmony and healing.

A red front door may not be everyone’s cup of tea but in various traditions a red front door means “welcome”. Red is also associated with energy and is said to promote confidence. Interior designers often say a little red goes a long way. This makes a front door one of the best opportunities to use red as an accent colour.

Different shades of purple have different associations. Deep purple is said to be the colour of good judgement and as a result is associated with opportunities. Light purple, bordering on lilac is believed to be a spiritual colour and can encourage people to adopt new perspectives.