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Our customers buy red composite doors from us to get the best prices on the best composite door brands in the UK bar none: Door-Stop, Rockdoor and Truedor. Whether your chosen door design is plain or elaborate, you’ll make savings buying direct from us.

Red is a popular colour choice with customers regardless of whether their home is traditional or modern. wp4b65a353_06Our “true red” doors don’t crack or fade even in sunlight and are all but maintenance free.  There’s no requirement to re varnish or repaint.  All composite doors supplied by us provide thermal efficiency and are reglazable.

We are proud to be associated with Door-Stop, Truedor and Rock Door. All 3 companies make their doors here in the UK and make them to order. You have the satisfaction of designing your own door and knowing it’s then made according to your specification.

When it comes to choosing the design of your red door you’re spoilt for choice.  There are almost limitless options based on size, glazing and door style. Even the door furniture you choose can go a long way to personalising your door and our manufacturers offer everything to complete the look of your door right down to house numbers! Doors can be configured to have panels, glazed squares, rectangles and arches and there is a good range of red colours available across the manufacturers.

Rockdoor started making doors in 1996 and are an excellent choice for front doors and composite French Doors.  They are the only composite door manufacturer to offer Back and Front Doors and Stable Doors with an A rating for thermal efficiency. However, they do have a number of different ranges to suit all budgets.

Every UK made Truedor door is made of the highest performing composite which combines the best of the latest technology with the aesthetics normally associated with wood. Your door will be red all the way through rather than just on the surface to provide the most durable of finishes.

Finally, Door-Stop is credited with making the first energy rated door and the first A rated energy efficient door. Door-Stop’s red composite doors like Truedor’s and Rockdoor’s are GRP skinned. This means your door is protected by the same material used on the hull of boats!  The company offers plenty of options for door furniture and locking mechanism and the company’s online design tool gives control over design and price.